Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Couscous with Sweet Corn Salad

Couscous, native to northern Africa, eating this provides you with essential nutrients to help maintain your health. Commonly used in middle eastern cuisine. One cup of cooked couscous gives you 6gms of protein, it support healthy skin, muscles, organs and other body tissues. Each one cup of couscous serving provides 2 grams of dietary finer. Its beneficial for weight management, because it absorbs water and swells in your digestive tract helping you feel full. It also keeps food moving through your body preventing constipation. Your cholesterol level may even benefit from finer because it binds to cholesterol in the digestive tract and removes it from your body. So try to include couscous in your diet. Here is Couscous with Sweet Corn salad recipe for you all to try. 

  • Pearl Couscous 1 cup
  • Sweet Corn 1 1 /2 cup / 1 can
  • Lemon 1 medium size
  • Chives 1 tbsp, chopped
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper 1/4 tsp
  • Olive oil 2 tbsp

Cook couscous according to the packet instructions OR for each cup of dry couscous, use 1 1/2 cup of water. Bring to boil in sauce pan add 1/2 tsp of salt and little butter or olive oli to add moisture cover with a lid and cook. Keep it aside Once its done. If using the frozen or fresh sweet corn just boil for 5 minutes and remove water and keep it aside. If you are using canned sweet corn then just drain water and keep it aside. 

Take a medium size bowl and squeeze the lemon and use the lemon juice. Add olive oil, pepper powder and salt, whisk well. Now add couscous, sweet corn and chopped chives and mix well. Serve immediately or you can keep it in the fridge for 15 minutes and serve.

NB: if you don't get chives then add spring onion or coriander leaves. Enjoy cooking.

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