About Me

First of all thank you for visiting my Blog.

I am Shyni from Kerala, currently residing in Centurion, South Africa. My husband Sajith’s transfer to different countries and his ardent interest in photography encouraged me to be creative and innovative in different cuisines and its presentations. 

To me, cooking is not a responsibility but a pleasurable hobby. It's my passion and I do enjoy every aspect of cooking. I had the privilege of meeting and mingling with people from different cultures and tasting a variety of unique dishes. My hubby loves eating, and that spurred me to be innovative with my cooking. 

Neither a chef nor a master of cookery, I always love to experiment. Not being professionally trained, I was able to explore my creativity in cooking. Beyond following traditional formulae, I seek innovative ideas to make my dishes taste good and look good.

I wish and hope, the recipes posted are useful to you in expanding your cooking menu for your family and friends to enjoy.

World renowned chefs Nigella Lawson, Giada De Laurentiis and Vikas Khanna have always been my inspiration. I am grateful to all my beloved friends and food lovers for encouraging me throughout my cooking journey.

I have posted recipes in this blog from 18th December 2014 to 1st May 2016, Total 501 days, daily one recipe continuous without break. Posting recipes occasionally now. 

As the saying goes "the best route to a persons heart is through his stomach" Let's go for it. 

Enjoy cooking..!!!



Official record holder of India Book of Records.


  1. wow you are really great. expect more from you shiny

    1. Thanks Sunil for your appreciation.


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