Saturday, 31 December 2016

Devine Date Desert

Devine date desert, I got this recipe from a South African friend, she told its her mums recipe. I tried and it was very nice. So sharing this recipe with you all. Hope you all enjoy this desert 😊.

  • Dates 1 1/2 cup, pitted once
  • Water 1 3/4 cup
  • Baking Powder 1 tsp + 1 tsp
  • Margarine / Butter 80gm, room temperature 
  • Caster Sugar 1/3 cup
  • Eggs 2 , room temperature
  • All purpose flour 1/3 cup
  • Romany Cream Biscuits 1 pkt, crushed
  • Chopped Nuts 100gm
For the Sauce
  • Brown Sugar 1 cup
  • Cream 1 cup
  • Butter / Margarine 80 gm

Preheat oven to 200 degree C for 5 minutes. 

Take a small size sauce pan and put on medium heat and add dates, water and bring it to boil. Let it boil for 2 to 3 minutes, then put off flame . Add 1 tsp of baking soda and let it stand for 5 to minutes, then blend until smooth and keep it aside. 

In a large bowl beat together butter / margarine, caster sugar. Add eggs, one at a time and mix well. Now with a spatula or a wooden spoon fold flour and 1 tsp of baking powder and combine well. Now add crushed romany creams and chopped nuts mix well. 

Now stir in it the dates mix and combine well. Now pour this into a greased baking dish and bake at 180 degree C for 30 to 40 minutes Or until it cooked well. 

Meanwhile we can prepare the sauce. Take a small sauce pan and add brown sugar, cream, margarine/butter. Bring it to boil and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Then keep it aside.

Once the baking done, cut the desert into pieces pour sauce over and keep it back in the oven and bake for 5 minutes. Its ready to serve now, you can serve this desert as warm or cold with custard, ice cream or whipping cream.

NB: If you dont get Romany cream biscuits use any other chocolate cream biscuits instead. Enjoy cooking..

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